Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pastel Sketch of "Bill"

This is a pastel sketch I did of “Bill” our model for an evening at a local drawing group that I attend. I used a 5x7 inch grey toned Pastelbord made by Ampersand. I’ve included a picture of my drawing before I started to layer the pastel on top of it. The dark area on the bottom right of the drawing is just a shadow from my camera phone. (Click on the image above for a larger view).

Although I want the initial drawing to be as precise as possible I know that it’s only a starting point. I will make many small adjustments throughout the painting process. It is to be expected that the model will sit slightly different after each break, shift, tilt or a change expression during a session. Maybe these slight changes could be better for the painting. Over the course of a few hours many decisions must be made for the integrity of the final image.

This painting is unfinished and I find certain freshness in that. Much of the “process” is still evident and that can also give life to a painting.