Monday, July 18, 2016

Time Travel

Photo provided by collector.

Once in awhile, it's healthy to pause and reflect on our artistic journey. Artists go through many stages in their development. At the beginning trying to understand the language of art; learning to draw, decoding color mixtures and value relationships, design, etc. While acquiring that foundation of the fundamental principals, we may explore genres from abstract to realism looking for our artist's voice. 

Step into any art store and we are overwhelmed by a myriad of possible mediums to use. I have splashed in watercolor, dabbled in gouache, been bold in acrylic and adventurous in oil. Ultimately, arriving at what will be the tools of our trade.

Above, is an early example of one of my acrylic paintings done in the year 2000. It is full of vivid, saturated color the very characteristics that attracted me to acrylic paint.

A quote from the owner of this painting, "What attracted me to the painting was the use of the deep blue colors which I found soothing and relaxing. The colors blend beautifully." - Frank.

The palette is bright, energetic and brushwork loose and I love that. It straddles abstraction and representation. Two qualities that I still try to have evident in my current work.

My use of color has changed a little along the way. Currently,  I've been exploring more muted naturalistic color but still like to push saturation when I can in a painting.This painting was a natural part of my growth process. It was both a stepping stone and a milestone and for the style that it's in, it certainly holds its own.

For all of the qualities previously mentioned, I know this painting is still bringing enjoyment to its owner. I hope for many years to come.

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